Can I be hypnotized?

I always run into someone that says that they can’t be hypnotized. I believe what they are really saying to me is that they cannot be tranced out in thirty seconds and made to do something embarrassing, like they saw happen to their friend at a hypnosis comedy show. Really what they are saying to me is that they cannot focus, relax, change their attention onto the inside enough that they can change their mind about something, or learn to do something new. You go right through the hypnotic state on your way to sleep and the way back out, that is twice today that you have been in hypnosis. Some gal I met was so determined that she couldn’t be hypnotized, that when I told her that she said she didn’t sleep either. People cling to their ignorance sometimes like it is a life raft. There is plenty of stigmatism around hypnosis, I really wish that I could come up with a whole new word about what I do. We have come such a long with with brain science, we can map exactly what is going on with the brain when we go into hypnotic states. For most of us we don’t have a brain, we have two brains. When hypnosis is induced the right creative side of the brain becomes much more active and talks to the left brain much more through the connector the corpus callosum. Also what is happening is we shut down the part of the brain that is highly critical of new information. Some people have that highly critical part working overtime when I am talking about hypnosis, they are inside thinking about all the crazy things that they think hypnosis is and they won’t listen to any facts about it no matter what. They are in effect in a trance of their own. Fortunately I find most people are open minded. When the critical faculty is turned off we can suggest things to the mind and they are taken in as truth and can be taken on as a new reality. I often help people retrain their mind to engage in the activity of being a non smoker, I eradicate the cravings, and if you have ever been addicted to cigarettes you know how big that is.

Heres for the people that say that don’t believe in hypnosis. Hypnosis has been used for about three hundred years to do pain control. It is done well enough that people can have surgery without any anesthesia. Some one told me couldn’t be true, well in that case you have to believe that the American Journal of Clinical Psychology doesn’t exist either because it is documented there and plenty of other places.

I really wish I had a way to effectively communicate how many different things can be done with hypnosis and some of the other whole brain techniques I use, and by the way anything I do in hypnosis I have ways to do them in the waking state. I can eliminate phobias in about ten minutes, I can get complete relief from post traumatic stress disorder in under a half an hour, I can relieve cigarette addictions, I can relieve traumatic memories in under fifteen minutes. The fact of the matter is you will remember these things, I just know how to drain the horrible feelings out of them. I can help you structure your belief system in such a way that everything you do well now you can do far better. If you have a core idea that you are only worth seventy five thousand a year, well guess what, you will not exceed that on a consistent basis.

I often have people ask me to do stage shows. I am really not interested in showing people that they can be made a fool out of by doing silly stuff in hypnosis. There are so many people that are stuck, that are in pain, that are engaged in behaviors they don’t seem to have much of a choice about and lots of other things that can so easily be changed. I truly want to keep this great way of changing people in a good light, in a serious light and in a professional light. Hypnosis has a lot to offer a society that is plagued with so many different things.

Hypnosis doesn’t always have to be remedial. We can take many things that you are already doing well and improve and perfect them. I have worked with professional boxers, olympic hopefuls and highly successful sales people. I have taken martial arts for almost 30 years. In martial arts you are always perfecting and honing your technique. I personally don’t understand people that are done with themselves. I take that philosophy into my personal life. I always want to be a better father, a better mate, a better person and especially better at helping people get better at what they want to do.

I would really love to convey to you today all of the really cool things that we can do with hypnosis. I would like to list a few of those things now to expand your idea of hypnosis beyond treating smoking habits and weight loss. Heres some of what we can do. We can put people into hypnosis and have them feel music kinesthetically, it is a really powerful and moving experience. We can help people read at many times the rate they normally read, we can help them economize their study habits, introduce fun feelings into learning and increase their ability to recall and use the information that they have learned. We can help people increase their creativity. We can do pain control so effectively we can do amputations without anesthesia and control the bleeding to boot. I have not personally done it but I saw another hypnotist work with someone who was stuck in between two sexual preferences, pick one and be happy with it. I have worked with people scared to death to go on stage and saw them go from that to being as comfortable as talking with friends in there living room with confidence, charisma, and express a good sense of humor and warmth at the same time. Lets not fail to mention the many people that have used hypnosis to take some strokes off of their golf game.

When it comes to what can be done with hypnosis, your imagination is the limit. Any way of being or mental process can be improved. Farewell for now and I hope that the trances you have are pleasant and useful. May you find the love trance, the wealth trance and the happy trance.

* Results may vary from person to person. Hypnotherapy is not a replacement for psychotherapy or medical treatment. Although Clovis Colley is a Certified Hypnotherapist, he is not a doctor or psychotherapist and does not diagnose or treat mental or physical illness. Contact your physician or a licensed mental health professional if you need this kind of help.