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Benefits of hypnosis for positive reinforcement and focus

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Because many people are not yet aware of the benefits of hypnosis for positive reinforcement and focus, this page calls attention to those critical areas that might otherwise be overlooked. Hypnosis is not all about removing negative issues but also commands respect in its ability to make good things even better. Hypnosis provides another technique for your self-help toolkit. Clovis Colley can help athletes improve their focus, performance and endurance. He can help students of all ages increase their learning and reading skills. There is also help for salespeople to improve their focus and reach their goals. Your charisma, confidence and creativity in business can be developed and enriched. The possibilities are endless!

With his talents in hypnotherapy, Clovis can eliminate the fear of public speaking. He can help you create new behaviors that reflect what you really want to feel or how you really want to respond. This also applies to all students, business owners, entrepreneurs, employees, artists, and sports enthusiasts. You can achieve your goals with the right mindset. Clovis can help you discover the power of your mind and intensify your hidden inner abilities.

Clovis understands what it takes to help you achieve the performance you desire. He can interrupt self-limiting beliefs and replace them with positive views that will enhance your skills and proficiencies. Your mind is a wondrous thing and, with some intentional reprogramming, you will be amazed at the difference it will make in your attitude, confidence, and productivity.

“As a semi-pro boxer, I have been working on several goals and wanted more focus. Clovis has helped me stay focused and inspired me to train and work harder. I feel the power of these changes.”* —T.G., Omaha, NE

Clovis has helped salespeople make more money and gain more satisfaction from their jobs by working on their focus, motivation, and goal setting. As an example, in working with a realtor who was in a slump and hadn’t sold a house in many months, the change was evident when the agent sold two homes just six days after their session. This scenario repeats itself regularly, and it gives Clovis Colley great satisfaction to know that he is helping people excel at their jobs and increase their income.

If you are a golfer who wants to improve your swing or a person having difficulty with your communication skills, Clovis can help you. If you are in a relationship that needs improvement, or if you are ready to begin a new relationship, hypnosis and whole-brain exercises with Clovis will help you find the best remedies for any previous difficulties. He can teach students how to dramatically improve their spelling, reading or study skills. Employees can also benefit by learning how to increase their productivity, receive raises and promotions, and earn the respect of their managers and co-workers.

If you are ready to earn more money, improve your skills, or set your sights on higher achievements, contact Clovis Colley, the hypnotist who cares, at NC and HC or call 402-393-0544. He’ll help you shine like the star you’re meant to be.

* Results may vary from person to person. Hypnotherapy is not a replacement for psychotherapy or medical treatment. Although Clovis Colley is a Certified Hypnotherapist, he is not a doctor or psychotherapist and does not diagnose or treat mental or physical illness. Contact your physician or a licensed mental health professional if you need this kind of help.