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Most of us have a busy lifestyle, pressures from work, and limited time for exercise and preparing healthy meals. As a result of our stressful lives, many people are overweight and wishing they could lose those extra pounds effortlessly. Weight loss programs are prominently marketed everywhere, and even though every program might be sponsored by a well-known celebrity, many people have limited success. How many people do you know who have had initial success, only to gain the weight back and sometimes even more? Look no further.

Hypnosis launches the mental breakthrough needed to achieve weight loss with lasting results. Clovis Colley will talk with you to understand your history and tailor your program to create the mindset that will work with you instead of against you. Because he has struggled with weight gain, he can identify with this issue. He also knows how to harness the strength of your mind to facilitate focus, determination and commitment. Hypnosis can provide the balance of appetite control with healthy eating and enjoyment from your meals.

Weight loss is a typical New Year’s resolution that often fizzles out by February, but with hypnosis, we can start the campaign where it belongs: in your mind. We can dispel whatever beliefs (even the hidden ones) that are keeping you from your goals. If your unconscious mind believes you need to carry the extra weight, you will. Instead, we will program your mind to dismiss the habits of overeating or impulse eating. There will be no more binge or emotional eating because your mind will no longer be programmed with those messages. If you’ve been on a fast-food diet, your mind will no longer subscribe to those options.

“I found hypnosis a definite help for my weight loss. It was easy and natural. Not only did I lose weight, but it gave me a positive outlook at work, and I was offered a raise and a promotion. I attribute all of this to the hypnotist.”* —H.B., Omaha, NE

Hypnosis can increase your metabolism and help you make healthier food choices. You will keep the weight off and have more energy for all the things on your bucket list. People are absolutely amazed at how much better they feel, even within a short time, once they start making healthy food choices. Because it’s so liberating to lose the excess pounds, self-esteem increases and life just keeps getting better.

With Clovis Colley’s expertise, we will help you increase your desire to be more active and exercise in ways that are fun for you. Having activities that you enjoy will make the journey easier. You will improve your health and gain stronger bones and muscle. Amazingly, even your mind will clear! With your subconscious working with you to achieve and maintain your optimal weight, the battle is over. You are finally in control.

If you would like to see weight loss in your future, contact Nebraska Counseling & Hypnosis Center or call us at 402-393-0544. We’ll work with you to accelerate your weight loss and promote a healthy lifestyle to support it.

* Results may vary from person to person. Hypnotherapy is not a replacement for psychotherapy or medical treatment. Although Clovis Colley is a Certified Hypnotherapist, he is not a doctor or psychotherapist and does not diagnose or treat mental or physical illness. Contact your physician or a licensed mental health professional if you need this kind of help.