Mind & Body Wellness with Clovis Colley


This is Board-Certified Hypnotherapist Clovis Colley talking about the various uses of hypnosis and what can be accomplished with it. Hypnosis can be used to eliminate bad habits such as smoking or chewing tobacco. You can get total control of your diet and choose better foods in a way that seems very natural. You can speed up your metabolism through suggestions given in hypnosis. Hypnosis is great for getting rid of self-imposed mental limitations and also can improve sports or sales performance. Pain control can be achieved, and control of focus and study habits can be greatly improved giving you a real edge when it comes to getting good grades.

Retirement of Dr. Kirby McGill, Hypnotist

Here is Dr. Kirby McGill founder of Nebraska Counseling and Hypnosis Center being interviewed by Clovis Colley, C.Ht. on the show Mind and Body Wellness. He reveals a lot of information about hypnosis. Dr. McGill being a forty year veteran in the craft of hypnosis offers a very interesting perspective on how hypnosis affects quick and powerful change.

Clovis Colley, C.Ht. interviews Trish Cody on Mind and Body Wellness

Trish is a core energy coach. She teaches how to change your life and your environment by changing your energy.

Clovis Colley, C.Ht. interviews Scott Anderson on Mind and Body Wellness

Scott Anderson from answers great questions about being the awesome you that you were meant to be.