Everyone has trauma. Not everyone has trauma that arises from intentional abuse. Sometimes we have trauma from car accidents, having a friend dunking us to long in a swimming pool as a kid, being thrown from a horse as a teenager and other various types of things. Some of us do have trauma from far worse and intential types of abuse. There are many people who have suffered child abuse, both physically and mentally. Quite often those things carry forward and a person experiences the type of anxiety I am talking about. People that experience anxiety in this way does not generally attribute it to those traumatic events. They will usually report that they have always been anxious, or that they are an anxious type of person. The initial trauma events are so long ago for some they see no connection between the trauma and the anxiety. When we experience trauma it turns on the fight or flight system and often it does not get turned back off. One can walk around through life experiencing these things just below the conscious level.

Here is the good news. Through hypnosis, I am able to assist those experiencing even very high levels of anxiety retrain what their habits of thinking and feeling. I very often have clients find that in the first or second session they experience more peace in quiet in their minds than they have in years.

We, together as a team, in hypnosis, have you Imagine going back in time. We communicate to your limbic system that you are safe, out of harm’s way, and that the harrowing event is over with. This turns your fight or flight mechanism off. My clients will come out of hypnosis almost looking drunk because they have pulled their tongues out of the proverbial light socket for the first time in years. When we address three or four events from your past in this way, your unconscious minds generalizes the change and applies it to all similar events. That is how we can even achieve rapid results with repeated trauma.

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Be well, Clovis