I think just getting over a phobia of presenting a.k.a stage fright is so very unimaginative. Fears and phobias are really pretty easy things to train out of your thinking. Why not add comfort and fun? I am sure some of my readers here are so shaken by being in front of a room they can’t yet imagine how much fun they could have sharing, speaking, influencing and leading a room full of people. I used to be that person.

I remember the first time I presented. I was in front of 30 very critical people that I wanted to look good in front of. These were people of the highest caliber. I had no training and didn’t have a speech properly prepared. All I had was a beat up, disheveled blue Cookie Monster puppet and shaky knees. I was getting ready to share with these V.I.P’s all about this puppet and my relationship to it. I was six and I had no idea what in the world I was doing. Needless to say I got up in front of the class and froze. I went stiff and my body went numb and my voice squeaked and that was it. I got laughed off the platform and hung my head in defeat and went back to my chair. I spent the next several decades absolutely terrified of being in front of a group. Things have changed since then.

My name is Clovis Colley and I have a phobia of NOT speaking in front of groups. I like it so much I seize any and every opportunity to speak. I don’t care if it is five people or five thousand people. I don’t care what the topic is and I usually shoot from the hip. I have hosted T.V. and I’ve done radio. I’ve been on stage and spoken at conferences. I am very comfortable doing this and is actually quite a rush for me. I thoroughly enjoy presenting. I want to teach you how to feel as good as I do when you are presenting.

I learned how to create change in these arenas with power, precision and speed. I am a life coach and I am a hypnotist. I have worked with thousands of clients. I have gotten rid of snake phobias, some cartoon snake phobias as a matter of fact. One instance of a snake phobia I recall vividly is a client who was so afraid of cartoon snakes on T.V. he broke his leg running out of the living room to escape one that came on the screen. I have gotten rid of stage fright in three minutes for a woman who was going on stage and freezing up. I have gotten rid of mouse phobias and every other type of thing. I have helped thousands of people stop smoking cigarettes. As an aside, if a human can teach themselves how to suck hot smoke into their lungs and make it better than sex, a human can teach themselves how to do anything, including presenting with comfort. I have helped people close multi million dollar deals. I have helped people get so good and so persuasive that they were able to convince the whole board to abandon a bad move they were dug in on.

With all of my experience in many different arenas of human behavior considered difficult or impossible to work with, I can help you oust your phobia and get your fun and confidence on very quickly. Along with teaching charisma, stage presence, vocal skills, creativity and persuasion, we can have you enjoying connecting with your audience at the same time. How would you like to look forward to presenting? You can cancel your ski diving trip as a method to “beat your fears,” and we can do a few processes that retrain your brain to respond differently this given situation. You see, when you know what you are doing the whole thing gets way easier.

Its all about staying out of fight or flight and then knowing how to access your mental and emotional resources when you are presenting. As soon as your body reacts to a situation as dangerous, your executive functioning stops working, your body fills up with adrenaline and you freeze or flee. When this happens there is no giving a speech. If you stay out of that type of reaction, your intelligence stays online. When you know how to stay “chill” you can then spiff up your charisma and speaking talents and have them available to you. This is all very teachable and easily replicated. I don’t care how scared you are of presenting, you can stop the fear and learn to K.B. (kick butt.)

I don’t think I need to sell anyone on the importance of presentation skills as essential to build a business or career. The ability to convey a message, convey it well and have it heard is one of the most essential skills you can be possessed of on your way to greatness. I offer in person sessions and sessions on the net depending on your needs. What I do is quick and easy and fun. Not only will you feel good, you will sound good, you will have influence and you will have rapport with your audience.

Reach out to me this web site and we can get you where you want be. We can also work on any other part of your skill sets as a human and an achiever. Be well and I will look forward to hearing from you. Please comment and share of course. Be well! Clovis