If you have a caretakers or people pleasing as a way of life you have probably suffered horribly. You have probably been taken advantage of in many ways and then blamed for it as if you caused your partner to do it to you. It is akin to having someone punch you in the face and then complain that their knuckles hurt.

There are many things that are happening to keep you in this cycle. My personal experience says it is your deep unconscious beliefs about your self-worth. The unconscious images that you rely upon to identify yourself and know who you are probably told you that you are no good, not up to snuff etc.

With hypnosis, we can quickly elevate the way you see yourself, your ideas and beliefs about deservability and your general sense of self-worth.

If you are single it is a great opportunity to heal yourself before attracting your next partner. The ideas that you have about yourself polarize you to abusers and you can stop that now.

If you are not single and you are spinning around mentally thinking and obsessing about your abuser you can start to break free of it now.

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