Will a vape help you quit smoking is a hot topic and search term as of the very moment of the creation of this article. As a matter of fact this topic is on fire.

The idea or notion that using an alternative delivery device for nicotine is a safe way to quit smoking cigarettes is being debated currently. There is some proof the e cigs are no safer than their counterpart the more traditional cigarette.

Whether it be a JUUL or some other vaping device or even chewing tobacco to “ween” yourself off of cigarettes, there is no significant evidence this is an effective way to quit smoking. As a matter of fact this is just a form of nicotine replacement which in my experience is a very ineffective way of going at things. Above and beyond my experience and professional opinion as a stop smoking expert, are the studies that show nicotine replacement therapy as an ineffective way to quit. So what about the argument that vaping is less dangerous? Even if it is less dangerous it is still dangerous. Why take the risk with your health at all? No one was born needing to inhale toxins at any levels into their lungs.

I believe that it is far better to get rid of any behaviors that are similar to smoking cigarettes when quitting. I think it is more than obvious taking a cigarette shaped object, drawing and inhaling on it in the same old way is just going to keep you wired in to smoking thinking and smoking actions. In our method we find it far better to to eliminate behaviors that are similar and build a whole new paradigm of health. This includes new thinking and a new way to do things.

The most effective way to quit smoking is to deal with the reasons why you smoke. One of the major drivers of the smoking habit is anxiety. For a great number of people once this is handled the need to smoke is significantly reduced. Any mental or emotional needs that smoking provides are replaced with safer and healthier behaviors. Any fears or upsets about making it without cigarettes are addressed. What you will find with us is a complete and powerful way to quit and a new design to think and live from around the old need to smoke.

In the long and short of it, I declare a resounding no to JUULing and nicotine replacement therapies. Lets get rid of all forms of tobacco and nicotine and make a clean break and make a bold move to a healthier lifestyle.

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Be well and ’til next time. Clovis.