We can quickly train your brain to process things differently. Yes, people can have more than one type of anxiety. We call the first type stress and often use the term anxiety interchangeably. This type is all about how we deal with things in the here and now. These incidents are triggered by current events that cause us to feel upset. They can be issues with your kids or spouse, financial pressures, uncomfortable social situations, work overload or high-pressure deadlines. Each person has their own typical response to these kinds of pressures, and you might not be totally happy with your “automatic” response. When looking for a different response for this type of stress, we can teach our brains very quickly to choose the path of staying centered. We go into your best problem-solving state. You can probably think of someone who can keep their cool no matter what’s going on. They can step back, assess and problem solve. That is the type of state we will help you find. The second type of anxiety is a result of hanging on to upsetting events from the past. These can be traumatic events like childhood trauma, car crashes, physical harm or experiences from the battlefield. These can turn on your fight-or-flight response and can get stuck there. There is a way to intentionally turn this response off. We look at the way you represent those events in your mind and quickly recode them. By doing so, your fight-or-flight response gets turned off. Typically, my clients feel an immediate release from their former uncomfortable feelings, and they experience it as a very welcome and permanent change. At that point, we establish how they want to feel on a baseline level. Within a matter of minutes, that new state is trained into their nervous system so this preferred state is the new auto-response of the future.

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Be well, Clovis Colley C.Ht.